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If you check facebook and sites like this: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/shipping-wars-tv-review-280124#comments you will see A&E screwd-da-pooch.

Not Uship either: Thats it! Let the whole world into our world without any regulations or licensing. Sick of this! For better service without getting ripped off by Uship, I highly recoomend you use ShipAlmostAnything.com instead.

NOT uship: ""… All you need is a laptop and a trailer," the narrator says in the show's lead in, "and you're a shipping company."" I posed this question to Ray LaHood to see if this was the case. I guess DOT licensing, insurance and inspections are not needed. Forgetabouddit. No need to keep a log book for following the HOS rules and since you are not licensed, you don't need to claim taxes. Other americans will pay your tax burden for you. Go out there, you got a laptop and trailer? You are now a trucker!

NO SHIP: WOW this show makes uship look really bad. They take advantage of people trying to make a living . All you need is a lap top and the race to the bottom begins. Who ever desperate enough gets the job .Maybe these wanabe truckers should go to work for a real company and they wouldn't have to compete with bottom feeders. NOT A SHOW FOR REAL TRUCKERS.

timallen: You said that! I can not believe they stoop to make a show about this.

We actually had the opportunity of using uship.com when our grandmother passed away and needed to have our 5th generation hutch shipped across the country. We had heard great reviews about the uship as a viable solution for shipping. As it turned out, our truck driver was Roy Garber.

First off the hutch was to be deliver Monday morning. He ended up showing at our place late Wednesday night. He started off by whining and complaining about all the delays he had encountered on our shipment.

When he finally took a break from taking about all the hardships he had encountered, he did provide as little as possible help getting the unit off his unit. He was not at all interested in helping us bring the antique hutch in our house unless we 'compensated him' as he put it.

When we looked over the hutch we notice a quite a few scratch and a couple of large dings on of the side and the front of the hutch. He claimed that the hutch 'was like that when he picked it up'. Funny this wasn't noted in the bill of lading.

The next thing is he tried to negotiate to have us pay more for shipping than his original bid. He said that if he had known it was going to be 'that much hassle' that he would of bidd for more. When we ask about the penalty for being over 2 1/2 days late on our delivery, he said that he could knock 'a couple of hundred bucks off the bid price if we promised to give a favorable bid on uship in order to give him a favorable review.

Then when this was all done he stood there with his hand out expecting a tip. He said 'wll you would tip the pizza delivery man wouldn't you'

So when Roy Garber says 'you get what you far for' he is speaking from experience. Remember this and stick to the professionals and call ShipAlmostAnything.com

Fuzziemitten2: Wow that sounds like such a terrible experience I'm so sorry! Like seriously, holding ur hand out asking for a tip "cause you tip the pizza guy" even though your item was delivered damaged, and he was late AND he wouldn't help you move it inside unless you paid him more?! Thats unbelievable. Seriously hope this show ruins his "shipping career"..might as well cause sounds/looks like he sucks *** at it.

Madmikeyyyyy: These people are ALL Idiots. None of them even own a pallet jack? WTF? When you need a dolly You have to go buy wheels to make one? WTF ? Can't even Siphon Fuel,he cut a hose that was about the perfect length in half ,DUH !

F3600h: This show is very upsetting to watch. This just makes us real Transportation specialist's look very bad. These guys are no where near professional enough. Bidding low,running out of fuel !! Then he put off road diesel in his truck to boot. This show must be a comedy.

David Knowles: Given all the contestants do during the program, I'm not sure this show is the best ad for UShip.

Fuzziemitten2: I'm a storage war fan so I thought I'd check this out, but roy pissed me off so much within the first 5 minutes of him being on screen I could hardly stay focused. His personality is so disgusting idk why the producers thought he'd be a good addition to the show. Ugh such an ***

Not Uship either: I would highly recommend using ShipAlmostAnything.com instead. These producers mad eit look like the lowest bidder automatically won the auction. That is not how it works. I laughed when the trucker showed up to pick up the phone booth and did not come prepared. I guess if the shipper and trucker had open comunication (like they have on ShipAlmostAnything.com) this never would have happened.

Can you say train wreck?


Facebook comments:

Latest comments about "Shipping Wars"

Ron Parrett: Shipping Wars – Worst program ever on TV. Lose it soon!

Kevin Carter: From a real truck driver perspective shipping wars was really bad, bad for business and our reputation. It's hard enough to make a decent living out there already without these knuckleheads turning it into some kind of price war game for the sake of entertainment. The object of the game, let's work as *** as we possibly can and for as cheap as we can, doesn't sound very smart to me. I got a family to feed without this kind of nonsense.

Tony Talarico: A&E the vote is in and so are the REVIEWS your new show SHIPPING WARS SUCKS. Just read what the FANS have to say but I bet we will hear from all the newspapers and different media outlets it was GREAT. If its so great send it to them on DVD and cancel the show on tv it BLOWS

Rusty Fugitt: So far Shipping Wars is boring. I hope the incompetence is just an act for entertainment. Who sucks diesel into thier mouths anyway?

Laura Lee Wong: I lasted 3 min on Shipping Wars…gawdawful.

Stacey Arnold: Staged. ALL staged!

Jada Johnson: Shipping wars was bad. They make legit shipping companies look bad and incompetent especially Jarrett.

Kim DeLange Mora: Shipping Wars is horrible and Storage Wars Texas is the worst!!!! Seriously? Where did they find these people? Nabila is not a good addition to the show. Leave it alone! We like the originals!!!

Angela Christopher Browning: Watched storage wars original, NOT shipping wars or storage wars texas.

Michelle Eldridge Blanchard: Just watched Shipping Wars. Is anyone else upset that these people are driving these trucks and NOT wearing their seatbelts? You would think the producers would be a little more responsible.

Hollie Pittman Reynolds: Trying to watch shipping wars.. ok, well, some of the items are cool, but, the show is boring.. channel flip time!!

Susan Tely-Carey: Jeez, this show looks lame on the commercials, why would I actually watch it???

Griffin Collins: Where is the, This show is lame, sticker

Michael D. Thomas: ITS DUMB

Alexandra Diana Sehorn: shipping wars *** but i loooovvve storage wars!♥

Nathaniel Cornelisse: thank god there is new Auction hunters on during shipping wars hahahaha

Mike Sauber: I'm a retired professional truck driver. I turned this *** off after 4 minutes. Just what the industry needs is *** stuff like this so the general population thinks less of us than they already do!

Chad Chaffin: When will the "Shipping Wars- Cancelled" sticker be available?

Gina Taylor Crumpton: Don't like Texas and don't like Shiiping Wars. I love the original, Dave and all. The diff personalities is what makes it work. But just b/c the original works doesn't mean the clones will. Stick to what works!

Greg Skidmore: Really can't stand SW Texas, Shipping wars doesn't interest me. Love SW LA.

Monica Parks: I love Storage Wars and have grown to like Texas..They however can keep Shipping Wars..I didn't care for that at all..

Rusty Clements: Shipping Wars pretty good….But here's the downside…..You will have every *** and his dog think they're shippers now…..Lmao

Daniel Keating: Shipping wars is lame

Jane Cunningham: They can keep Shipping Wars and Storage Wars Texas THEY BOTH SUCK!!!! I love the orginal Starage Wars!!!!

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Williston, North Dakota, United States #996937

It was for entertainment! And they do have authority and insurance in addition to background checks but again entertainment people


I'm commenting just a little late on this show.its entertaining yes, I question the majority of how it functions. I have nearly 45 yrs experience in transportation, the last 15 yrs of my career, I was the founder/ CEO of a large multi-facility "expedited carrier", with nearly one hundred vehicles.

I would NEVER get involved with the majority of these shipments have to provide ALL the additional unknown " accessorial" services, materials, and especially addional equipment and labor at origin and or destination at my expense, it's upfront and included or it doesn't get picked up or delivered.

That's said, I really question if this is just a show, know UShip exists, and why anyone would subject there investors and employees to this circus is questionable, unless they were surprisingly successful in the schear number of people that wanted or expected to appear on the show.


I do have to say that these people give truck drivers a bad name shipping wars really is everybody that ***

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia #940222

I love watching this show because it is a flat out comedy or errors.These people are really the epitome of redneck hick, I wonder if they are all related and inbred because I don't think they'd have enough brain cells between them to fill a shot glass.

Growing up around truckers, I know that not a single one of them would ever be this ridiculous and careless.


I was a over the road truck driver for over 30 years, and believe me people this show is not an example of truck driver at all!!!First of all, none of them have load bars to keep the freight secure.

And how can they transport anything at the rates they bid for? When do they sleep? Where's their log books? How come you don't see them go into weigh stations?

Every one of them should have a CDL license to be able to haul multiple states and have fuel/tax stickers on the side of the drivers door, along with their DOT number. The two with the tractor trailers must loose money on every trip!! None of them have a climate controlled trailer, especially when transporting wine!!!! I don't see this show returning for another season, if it does, I will not be watching.

Talk about a fake show, this one is right there with Hardcore Pawn!!!!

However, storage and container wars are GREAT!!! I know some of it is staged, but most of it is real. I hope Barry comes back, but I'm mad that Dave is coming back!!!!

He's the Buzz Killer of the show!!!!JMO.......


Seriously any of you that think reality shows are close to to being real need your head examined a&e discover tlc history all those channels are for the ratings and commercial sales .REALITY SHOWS Are PHONY


Duh!Do you people really think these shows are completely factual?

I've got some swamp land for sale if you do. I doubt very much that any of these shows are very accurate. That includes Storage Wars etc. It's called entertainment tv for a reason.

Why would anyone expect to have one of the shippers on this show really do any kind of serious shipping when they watch what happens on the show to another person's "valuable" property. The point of the show is entertainment and I do think it's fun checking out the items that get shipped.

I also believe that if they wanted this show to be more legitimate that they would make sure these shippers have their acts together.Any responsible shipper is going to get in touch with the client ahead of time to get accurate measurements, weights and such to make sure that they have the correct container to ship it in as well as the right equipment needed to load, wrap and protect the items to be shipped with them.


I do not care for the new couples on Shipping Wars. The women are to mouthy.


Shipping wars is a joke...Truckers on this show is a joke .

No license on trucks and no log books etc, I am upset that this producer thinks this is cool maybe his show should be sued for faking what it takes to be a trucker.

The show needs to get it right like log books , dot and mc numbers, insurance ,medical card etc if you show fake *** than you need to be shut down and sued .As a producer maybe the federal dept should shut you down for fake unlicensed vehicle's and trucker's (bad portrayal ).

to Anonymous #852826

I agree with this comment 100%!!!None of them are professional CDL qualified drivers.

Some of them try to get by having a trailer hitch and a pickup or in one case a bus to haul goods. And where's their load bars to secure their loads? The only ones with any type of securing measurements are the tractor trailer "drivers" with the flat beds.

No fuel stickers on the doors, and none of them are shown filling out a log book.Fake, Fake, Fake!!!!!!

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